Lotus Commercial Tanning Bed by UWE


Let your tanning business blossom and thrive with the Lotus Commercial Tanning Bed from UWE and Family Leisure! The seamless architecture and modern design of this tanning bed will set any tanning salon apart from the competition, with floor illumination lights adding to the exclusive appearance. The UWE Lotus has built in air conditioning and frosted acrylics to create a balanced tan. This bed features:

  • Level 3 bed
  • 12-minute maximum tan time
  • High-pressure facial tanning
  • Air conditioning
  • Flat, frosted acrylics




 Sunfire 220 VHR/HP Stand-Up.



Level 3- 10 minute high pressure Stand-up. Dark tan in just 10 minutes.










The StarPower 548 tanning bed


Level 2.- There’s No Power Like a StarPower bed. The new facial tanning and cooling system of the StarPower 548 tanning bed will enhance your tanning experience.The StarPower 548 is a 12-minute mega bed that will increase your clientele and your profits. The StarPower 548 tanning bed is a must have for high end tanning salons.




 Sundome 548-Stand Up Level 2



Specially designed stand up booth that places you at the center of tanning intensity so that you are evenly showered with bronzing, all over tanning power. Equipped with 48 Speed 325 system VSR reflector lamps and staggered lamp design gives you even coverage and a deep, dark tan in only 10 minutes!





UWE Tropical Series® Level 1


34 total lamps
Adjustable body blower
Air intake filtration
Frosted acrylics
High pressure facials
Separate user on/off switch for facial lamps
Frosted acrylics
15 min tan time